Skill Basics

You may not use more than one skill at the same time. For example, if you are doing a ritual, you cannot also apply First Aid to someone or blast spells at an enemy.

Some skills cost stamina to use. If you are out of stamina, you cannot use these skills.

Skill Branches

Combat Skills

Combat Skills let you use better weapons and armour, increase your Hits or increase your Stamina.

A Combat Skill gives you access to all the capabilities listed for that skill.

Mystic Skills

Mystic Skills let you hit harder, heal people, and hurl damage or debilitating effects at your enemies from afar.

Each buy of a Mystic Skill gives you access to one spell or strike, see Spells and Strikes.

You may buy the same rank of a Mystic Skill multiple times and pick a new spell or strike each time.

Each spell or strike costs stamina equal to its level to use.

Damaging spells and powerful melee blows.
The power to drive the enemy back or pin them in place.
Power over the body - healing, disrupting the enemy's powers, and raising the dead to fight.

Profession Skills

Profession Skills give you access to various support, investigation and enhancement abilities.

Your Faction gives you a discount on one of these skills.

A profession skill gives you access to all rituals and abilities described for that level of the skill.

Mould your body and those of your allies, to make cosmetic changes or improve your resilience.
Diagnose and treat all kinds of injuries.
Investigate the secrets of the world around you and study the subtle touch of magic.
Study and manipulate rituals. Bolster your allies to reach heights they could not grasp, and cut off your enemies from their powers.
Raise the dead to serve you. Empower them to fight with terrifying power or serve tirelessly.
Touch the emotions of those around you, and feel the echoes of past passions.
Bind power into physical form to lend the skills and might of one to another.
Gather money and gather influence; learn the merchant's tools of communication and negotiation.
Change the world with the Mage's art. With a subtle touch, manipulate magical influences. With overwhelming force, destroy the obstacles before you.
Unify your friends and compel your foes in pursuit of your goals.

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