The Factions


The player characters (PCs) are all agents of one of the Treaty of Ozgur Sehir Signatory Factions. These are the main bodies that hold diplomatic power in the world, and each has very different goals, play-styles and inspirations. As an agent of one of the Factions, you have been assigned to Mat Sellah to exploit the Portal, explore these mysterious islands, and keep the peace as best you can.

The Treaty

The treaty that resulted from The War of Igimund's Rift, and the law that resulted from it.

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The Nations

With the fall of the Unnamed Empire, geographically the world was divided into three major territorial principalities, each of which has developed into a powerful faction by the time of Mat Sellah's discovery. Every PC has lived in one of the three Nations, and that culture will affect their outlook and costume choices. They may be an Agent of their home Nation, or they may be working for one of the Guilds or Churches below.

The Hegemony

The Hegemony are a large militia formed from the remnants of the Unnamed Empire, whose goal is to spread their influence across the varied lands.

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The Democracy

The Democracy are a body devoted to maintaining the hard-fought peace, a faction based around bureaucracy and research.

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The Vendicsal

The Vendicsal are a loosely organized group of raiders, who aim to profit from the new portal.

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The Churches

The Churches were formed around those who believed in a better place for those who died, and heard the voices of four Gods in the Beyond who aim to shape the realm. Their passionate followers established each one's political power. Within the Churches, symbols of faith are varied, although a common one is given for each.

Some think it appropriate to make offerings whenever they do something associated with that God's domain, others see a single God as their patron, and give minimal appreciation to the others.

The Explorer

The Church of the God of Truth and Knowledge, pursues the hidden and the unknown.

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The Aspirant

The Church of the God of Power and Perfection, seeks to inspire those who are low.

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The Celebrant

The Church of the God of Freedom and Pride, encourages self-confidence and accomplishments.

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The Builder

Church of the God of Community and Loyalty, their mission is to create and protect an ordered society.

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The Guilds

Whereas the rule of the Churches is cemented by their positions as the only way to ensure your soul goes somewhere better when you die, the Guilds exist only insofar as they can maintain their legal monopolies.

Guilds have a monpoly on providing their services professionally. For example, the Hegemony Army has a core of Guild-accredited Physicians, but were these to treat private patients for a fee, they would be breaking Guild law. Below are some of the Guilds who have sent Agents to Mat Sellah. Other guilds do not have enough of a presence to support a PC-driven mission. Three Guilds have sent formal delegations to Mat Sellah. These are the Guild of Caravaneers, the Guild of Mages and the Guild of Antiquarians.

The Guild of Antiquarians

The Guild of Antiquarians have a monopoly on “the professional recovery of unique historical or cultural artifacts”. In short, they steal things that belong in a museum. They are backed by various wealthy patrons who are looking for a classy memento of a far flung land.

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The Guild of Caravaneers

Holds a practical monopoly on trading between cities, and are more than willing to enforce blockades against non-Guild traders. They are instrumental in the anti-smuggler blockade of Mat Sellah and supplying Agents. They are also known to hire out their caravan guards and Agents as mercenaries to other Factions, taking advantage of their reputation for professionalism and neutrality.

Note: While you can play a character in the caravaneers, you should be aware that this faction is mostly present for worldbuilding reasons and NPC use, and so you may get less direct plot and opportunities than in other factions

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The Guild of Mages

The Mages are approved to perform "extensive bleeding-edge Paradigmatic research". The uncharitable would say they are a secure place for the unstable but influential to blow themselves up in interesting new ways. They recieve grants from wealthy individuals, nations and other guilds to research risky propositions for them.

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