A “Call” is an OC word or phrase used to describe the in-game effect of an action.

You do not hear them IC.

You may make a maximum of one call per second.

OC Calls

OC calls are used to tell the players (not the characters) what is going on, and in cases of emergency.


The most important call in LARP. STOP THE GAME means there has been an real-life injury, someone has lost their glasses or there has been another OC emergency. Anyone may call STOP THE GAME and should do so if needed. As soon as STOP THE GAME is called, the action suspends entirely, everyone should stop moving, and appropriate action is taken. Repeat the call to anyone who has not noticed. Once the emergency is over, if the game is to continue then people are asked to return to where they were when STOP THE GAME was called and TIME IN restarts the action.


This means exactly the same as STOP THE GAME. It is included here as an alternative because it is in common usage in many systems, so people may call this instead of STOP THE GAME. STOP THE GAME is preferred where possible because we're not all men.


Call this if you've been hit too hard by somebody. Anybody can make a mistake so try and be polite if it happens and use this call rather than a string of abuse! If it's happening a lot, speak to a ref. If somebody says 'Ow' and acts in pain but doesn't say this, hopefully they're roleplaying the hit.


The call to start roleplaying. Once TIME IN is called, the game has started. This may only be called by a Ref.


The call to stop roleplaying. Once TIME OUT is called, the game is over for that evening. This may only be called by a Ref.


The call to continue roleplaying, but not move forward. On linears, occasionally additional time is needed to get a big encounter ready; in this case, TIME FAFF will be called and the party will spontaneously stop for a quick IC break. This may only be called by a Ref.


This is close to a system call in its application. Upon hearing TIME FREEZE, all players should remain motionless, close their eyes and hum loudly so as not to hear what is going on.

IC Calls

These tell you what your character needs to do. Combat calls will either be made when someone hits you, by describing a target and pointing at them, or attached to a MASS or WIDE call.


For example “You in the red hat! MAGIC TRIPLE!” or “Dave! KNOCKBACK!”. The target takes the given effect. Maximum range 10m.


This call indicates that you are too close to safely shoot but the character has shot you. Take the attached call.


Affects anyone within a 3m-long cone. Delineate an area of effect with your arms. If you aim upwards,it will hit everyone in a 3m radius.


Affects anyone within a 10m radius. In the interactive, this hits everyone in the venue.


Regain all your stamina. Usually feels IC like a wave of power spreads through the interactive venue, or the Linear site.


Ignore the melee blow that accompanies this for mechanical purposes. It does no damage.


Lose one hit. Does not need to be called, it is implied by melee blow.


Lose 3 hits.


In general, MAGIC has no additional effect. Against certain creatures, a MAGIC call will reduce or destroy their ability to call RESIST to blows.


You must not move your feet except for safety reasons for 10 seconds. You are unaffected by KNOCKBACK during this time. Call RESIST to it.


You cannot cast make strikes or cast spells other than BREAK for the next 10 seconds, You lose any spell you were in the process of casting. If you are the leader of a ritual this pauses the ritual until it wears off.


If this hits a limb, you cannot use that limb effectively. Lasts until healed. If it hits your torso, lose all hits. MAGIC CRUSH always targets the torso.


Must strike the target’s arm if by weapon blow. Drop the the item you are holding with that hand or place it on the floor. If you cannot safely leave it on the ground (e.g. a shield strapped to the arm, wand on a wrist strap) it is unusable for the next 10 seconds and any hits to it count as a hit to your arm.

For further information on special cases related to this rule, see below:

  • Don't bounce your focus on a strap like a yo-yo so it technically touches the ground. Pick it up.
  • Don't deliberately target DISARMed items where you have other valid targets. Nobody is going to fall over from you hitting the wand that's on a three foot cord behind them.


You must roleplay being struck to the ground. You may alternatively squat for 3 seconds or put one knee and one hand to the ground if falling is unsafe. You are struck down even if you block the blow.


You must take 3 full steps back as quickly and safely as possible. If this puts your back against a hard surface you may stop. You must step back even if you block the blow. If you cannot or do not wish to step back, you must take a STRIKEDOWN.


Removes ENTANGLE and DISRUPT. You can make BREAK calls even whilst under the effect of DISRUPT.


You are no longer under the effect of CRUSH on any location.


You are healed by N hits.


See a ref as soon as possible.


EFFECT may not be made on someone who is in combat. It indicates they take a complicated effect, which you then explain. Unless otherwise stated, this lasts until midnight. The strength of the effect is equal to N.


Your character is dead. Always requires a 10s of roleplay that may be interrupted. Only works if your character is unresisting.

COMPEL N (One complete command)

Unless otherwise stated, this lasts until the next REFRESH call.

When you take this call you follow the instruction given to the best of your ability.

A COMPEL requiring further input, i.e. “Obey my every command” will fail.

You are aware that a foreign influence is trying to control your actions.

These COMPELs last until they expire or you do one of the following:

  • Spend N stamina to shake off the effect.
  • Take N wounds to shake off the effect.

If you choose to take wounds and do not currently have a wound card, you may elect to take wounds on the Bleeding from the Eyes wound track as a means to streamline your roleplaying.


This call indicates that you have heard someone else's call, but you are not reacting in the way they might expect. It is purely OC information.