The Portal Camp


General Info

The Portal Camp is an expanding frontier town with a population of about 3000. The Delegations number a couple of hundred people from each Faction, and the Portal Camp contains roughly double that number of Guild professionals, sailors, fortune-seekers and so on. It has been set up over the last 6 months before the start of the game, following the discovery of the Portal on Mat Sellah.

A thick and coiling fog often descends on the camp in the late afternoon and usually persists until early morning.

(OC: The effect of this is that anyone who exits the door is instantly assumed to be lost from all hostile pursuit due to the fog. You can still follow someone who lets you come along.)

  • The camp is a mix of tents, huts and more permanent wooden structures, as well as shored up and restored ruins. It was set up around four months ago.
  • Mat Sellah was only discovered approximately six months before the start of the game (NFNC started in Oct 2014, OC time), your character can not have been here longer than that,

The Containment Zone

The Portal is something of a misnomer, as it is not a door into the Beyond so much as an area where the barrier between the Beyond and the world is thinned. All portals have a wide area where the barrier is weak, and a centre where it is virtually non-existent.

The Containment Zone was set up at the apparent centre of the Portal, or at least where the first Agents observed the most Stranger Activity and supernatural phenomena. While the Portal Camp was being developed to secure the general area, the Containment Zone was set up to restrict access until all Factions had established a presence in the Camp.

  • The NFNC campaign starts on the week during which the Containment Zone is re-opened to selected Faction Agents.
  • The Interactive venue changes because of what room the Society can get each week. Each room represents a different building within the Containment Zone. All the buildings are patched-up ruins that were there before the Factions arrived.

The Dispatch

A free newspaper jointly produced by the Explorer Church and Guild of Caravaneers. Characters may submit articles, but the Church of Explorer rejects anonymous ones or obvious pseudonyms on principle.

Archive of articles

  • The Dispatch does not take obviously libellous or incorrect articles. Distributing propaganda is the job of the Trade 1 Gossip skill.