Money and Trade


Minted by the Guild of Caravaneers, the Ducatto is a widely accepted hard currency across the Continent. It comes in denominations of 1,4,16 and 64 Silver Ducatto and 1 and 4 Gold Ducatto. One Gold Ducatto is worth 64 Silver. The anomaly of having two sorts of coinage is due to a decision to use the less valuable silver coinage in areas prone to coin "shaving" and "clipping". This attempt at debasing the currency was contentious, and the gold Ducatto are preferred by most traders.

Due to the fact that Destruction of Currency is a Major Crime, PCs are assumed to not directly use money to make Magic Items. Handing your coins to a Ref is an abstraction of "I go and buy some gold wire, expensive ink or other rare components".

Many people also find that the due to the legal protection of impartially witnessed contracts that witnessed IOU letters are a handy and efficient way to transfer both large and small sums of money. Particularly if they do not have the actual coin to pay for something on their person at that time.

Other local currencies, ancient coins etc exist, but valuing these appropriately is a use of the Trade 3 Skill.

Buying Items in Downtime

Magic Equipment

It is possible to purchase or recharge magic equipment via NPCs in your factions as a minor action in downtime. Pieces of magic equipment have enough power for one week of use.

  • A L1 Item is 56 Ducatto. Recharging is 40.
  • A L2 item is 96 Ducatto. Recharging is 80.
Faction Available Equipment
All Factions
Factions other than the Hegemony
  • Faction skill 1 and 2
The Hegemony


You can choose to buy talismans from NPC vendors as a minor action in your downtime. The prices they charge are as follows: