The World


The Realm is a large place, and not all is known about it. the same goes for Mat Sellah. As more is discovered, more will end up here.


Recent History

The war of Igimund's Rift, and the discovery of Mat Sellah.

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Dispatch Archive

Issues of the IC newspaper, the "Dispatch", recording events that happen over the course of the game.

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Key Places

A list of the major places in the Realm, that well-travelled agents might know about.

The Species


Humans are humans. Most of them live in the Hegemony, a federal republic formed from the remnants of a broken empire.


Physrep: None.


Notable by the metallic or rocky crystalline "scales" on their faces, the Ozgur are a former slave race of a fallen empire, now controlling the learned Democracy.


Physrep: Metallic or earth-coloured scales on the face.

Achieving this: Stretch mesh over your face/skin and sponge facepaint over the top. Best way is by sticking the leg of a pair of fishnets over your face. This can be done over bare skin or a base colour.


The Alfar are pointy-eared, tattooed and highly aggressive and competitive in nature. They are mostly found raiding and trading out of the Vendicsal, but settle anywhere there's a chance of a challenge.


Physrep: Pointed ears or bandana covering ears. Clan insignia on face are optional with pointed ears, mandatory if not using pointed ears.

Achieving this: Ears can be got from a variety of places online and party mania in the Grafton Centre often sell them. You will need spirit gum to make them stay on (water based stuff will fall off in hot weather), alternatively ears on a hat/headband are fine if you cover your own ears.
Clan insignia are best achieved with a brush (or other paint applying tool, up to and including fingers) and facepaint.


There are various unpleasant creatures that inhabit the lands of Mat Sellah, and it would be unusual for agents not to encounter these on their journeys. A list of the most common types can be found below

The Creatures of Mat Sellah