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No Flag, No Country: The Manual



No Flag No Country was the CLS game between 2014-2016, it finished with the 2016 3YGB.

Welcome to Mat Sellah, a recently discovered land centred around a mysterious Portal to the Beyond. Once a week, the Containment Zone around the Portal is opened up so that anyone with Faction sponsorship may freely investigate the Portal.

Your PC is sufficiently trusted to be allowed unrestricted access during these times. The Delegations number a couple of hundred people from each Faction, and the Portal Camp contains roughly double that number of Guild professionals, sailors, fortune-seekers and so on.

You will get personal objectives sent to you from your factions, and completing these will put you in better standing and potentially get you more resources or responsibility.

You have been authorised to contact any settlements found on Mat Sellah and given an allowance for bribes, supplies, etc. Do well, and prestige and fortune will be yours. Fail, and at best you’ll get a cramped ride back on the next cargo ship...

The year is 616 Post-Collapse, and the treasures of Mat Sellah are yours for the taking.

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