"Monstering" is when you play an NPC role instead of a player character.

Common reasons for monstering are:

  • You don't feel like playing a PC at the Interactive but do want to larp.
  • You're not charactering the linear, but you're free on Saturday afternoon and can help by providing monsters. If you intend to linear, you're expected to monster whenever is reasonable, to allow other players to linear too.
  • You are tired of charactering and would like to take a break and monster for a bit.

Monstering advice

  • Bring baselayers in some sort of neutral or dark colour. If it's the Linear, be prepared to wear more because it may be cold.
  • Wear sensible footwear that you can run around Granchester Meadows in. *Similarly, if it looks like rain and you want to wear waterproofs, wear them and sling something baggy from the armoury over the top.
  • Water is also useful, you are likely to get thirsty.
  • The Refs will brief any monsters on any kit or specific weapons they'd like you to bring at the end of the Interactive.
  • Bows or crossbows are always good to bring, as are bucklers. We also have relatively few knife size weapons of 18" or less.
  • Do let the Refs know if you prefer talky or fighty roles. We try to rotate monsters through both, but if you have a preference we'll try and give you more of that.

Essential Monstering Rules


You might only play these roles once, for 5 minutes, but enjoy them and play them well. Generally you'll have a set of numbers and a goal, but be left to your own devices in how you do that.

Stick to the Brief

The Refs have written a linear with specific goals in mind. It's fine to improvise a bit, but don't do anything that contradicts the brief you were given, even if the brief seems odd or "wrong". Feel free to ask for clarification or question the refs if something is confusing you, but don't decide to "correct" it. Not every combat encounter is trying to defeat the party, for example.

Pay it Forwards

Don't forget that as a monster you are there for the enjoyment of the PCs as well, if you give them a great fight with amazing roleplay, they will want to do exactly the same for you.

Don't execute characters

Under no account should you use the execute call unless specifically briefed to do so by a ref. NFNC is designed to include a fair amount of risk, but this risk should be down to the PCs' success or failure in reaching a dying ally, not due to monster choices.