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Skills marked with   require a ref to use.

Skills marked with are currently unavailable and will require player action to be unlocked.


Combat Skills let you use better weapons and armour, increase your Hits or increase your Stamina.

A Combat Skill gives you access to all the capabilities listed for that skill.

Skill Effect
Stamina 1-4

Stamina 5

Gain 2 stamina points.
Health 1-3 Gain a hit.
Armour 1-3 Unlocks heavier types of armour.
Shields 1 Use a buckler of up to 15” diameter.
Shields 2 Use a shield of any size.
Ambidextrous May simultaneously use two weapons up to 42” long . You must still obey the one-second rule.
Two-Handed 1 May use a weapon from 42-60” with both hands.
Two-Handed 2 May use a weapon from 60” to 108" long with both hands. These weapons may be of collapsible-tip (AKA "Stab-safe") construction, and used to thrust with. When wielding weapons of this length, your hands should be at least 18’’ apart. You must pass an OC safety check to use this skill.
Ranged 1 May throw uncored larpsafe weapons for SINGLE.
Ranged 2 May throw collapsible-tip javelins for TRIPLE STRIKEDOWN. You must pass an OC safety check to use this skill.
Ranged 3 May use a bow/crossbow for CRUSH. All arrows cause this on a hit and you do not need to voice the call.

You must pass an OC safety check to use this skill.

If it is too close to safely take a shot, you may call LOOSE TRIPLE STRIKEDOWN at your target, unload your weapon, put the arrow back in its quiver and re-load the weapon. You should only do this if you have a clear shot, not if for example the target has a shield in the way of your bow.


Mystic Skills let you hit harder, heal people, and hurl damage or debilitating effects at your enemies from afar.

Each buy of a Mystic Skill gives you access to one spell or strike, see Spells and Strikes.

You may buy the same rank of a Mystic Skill multiple times and pick a new spell or strike each time.

Each spell or strike costs stamina equal to its level to use.


Skill Effect
Force 1


Spell: DISARM [Named object]

Force 2


Strike: DISARM


Force 3

Spell: MAGIC TRIPLE to two different targets

Strike: TRIPLE


Force 4


Strike: CRUSH

Spell: Instantaneous MAGIC TRIPLE


Force 5

Spell: Instantaneous MAGIC TRIPLE to two different targets


Spell: Three calls of MAGIC TRIPLE over the next 10 seconds


Skill Effect
Movement 1

Spell: Instantaneous KNOCKBACK


Spell: Three calls of KNOCKBACK over the next ten seconds

Movement 2


Spell: Instantaneous STRIKEDOWN

Spell: Instantaneous MASS KNOCKBACK

Movement 3


Spell: ENTANGLE to two different targets

Spell: KNOCKBACK followed by ENTANGLE to the same target

Movement 4



Spell: Four calls of STRIKEDOWN to any target(s)

Movement 5



Spell: Six calls of STRIKEDOWN or ENTANGLE over the next ten seconds


Skill Effect
Corpus 1

Spell: CURE 3 at touch range

Spell: CURE 1

Corpus 2

Spell: Instantaneous BREAK

Spell: Three calls of CURE 1 to any target(s)

Spell: RESTORE at touch range

Corpus 3


Spell: MASS CURE 3


Spell: Reanimate the next dead body you touch or the next target you execute this encounter with 6 hits. Unlike Necromancy, this does work on animal corpses.

Corpus 4

Spell: DISRUPT to two different targets

Spell: Instantaneous MASS BREAK

Spell: CURE 12 at touch range

Corpus 5

Spell: Three calls of CURE 3 to any target(s)


Spell: Reanimate the next dead body you touch or the next target you execute this encounter with 9 hits. Unlike Necromancy, this does work on animal corpses


Profession Skills give you access to various support, investigation and enhancement abilities.

Your Faction gives you a discount on one of these skills.

A profession skill gives you access to all rituals and abilities described for that level of the skill.


Faction Skill of the Vendicsal

Skill Effect
Biomancy 1

Ability - Arcane Mark

With 10 seconds of appropriate roleplay on an unresisting target, spend 1 stamina to place a cosmetic effect on a character. Without their consent, the best you can place is a crude brand, phrase or symbol. On a willing target, you may make more complex designs. This is a strength 2 effect. You may spend addition stamina to increase the effect by the number of stamina spent. Get OC permission before drawing on or touching anyone.
Biomancy 2

Ritual - Glamer 

This creates a strength 2 enhancement for one week on a single willing participant. This enhancement can be expended to make extensive cosmetic changes to yourself. The changes are a strength 2 effect and last one week. More participants means more changes, up to changing racial physrep. Doing this will allow you to make downtime actions with a chance of not being recognised. You cannot disguise as a particular person.
Biomancy 3

Ritual - Protective Enhancement

Requires at least 3 participants. Places an enhancement on the leader of the ritual. Activate this enhancement to gain one RESIST to the whole of any damaging call or bow/crossbow shot for the current or next encounter. You must use this RESIST if you are targeted by a call with MAGIC in it.

Larger rituals can potentially add more enhancements to the leader. This is a Strength 3 Effect.
Biomancy 4

Ritual - The Spirit is Willing

Place one of the following Strength 4 effects on someone for a week. Target cannot have more than one of these active at the same time. Requires 4 participants for full effect.

Inured to Pain
EFFECT 4: "Ignore up to 4 levels of wounds".
EFFECT 4: "You suffer no ill effects from starvation, but still feel the desire to eat and drink. You may may ignore ingested poisons/drugs. Your bleed time increases by 60 seconds."
EFFECT 4: "You may regenerate your hits and restore limbs ruined by CRUSH with 30 seconds of appropriate roleplay, and do not take wounds from this."
Biomancy 5

Ritual - The Flesh is Clay 

You can affect People directly, potentially allowing moulding of their bodies. Extensive modifications, and modifications to the unwilling, are more difficult. If you wanted to kill someone, you’d be much more successful by stabbing them. Having participants trained in Healing may help. Get OC permission before drawing on or touching anyone. This is permanent, it is not an effect.


This is not a Faction Skill

Skill Effect
Healing 1

Ability - Stitch-Up

With 10 seconds of appropriate roleplay, during which the bleed count is paused, call CURE 1 to a dying character.

In a non-stressful situation with appropriate roleplay, you may heal all hits on an unresisting target and then call COMPEL 2: "You feel exhausted." on that target.

Ability - Diagnose

With 10 seconds of appropriate roleplay, may determine what sort of wound someone is suffering from or how many hits they have left.
Healing 2

Ability - Nurse

With 2 min of appropriate roleplay you may suppress the effects up to 4 levels of wounds. You may divide this total up between multiple people. You must accompany the targets in order to keep suppressing their wounds. You may change whose wounds you are suppressing and by how much with 2 min of appropriate roleplay.

Ability - Splint

In a non-stressful situation, you may heal a CRUSH effect with appropriate roleplay.
Healing 3

Ability - Field Medic

In a non-stressful situation, you may heal all hits on multiple characters with appropriate roleplay.

Ability - The Doctor is In

In an appropriately equipped building (The interactive venue is always equipped for this) you may remove a number of wound levels from a patient with appropriate roleplay. If the patient has stamina, it is reduced to 0. Each wound level healed using this skill requires one dose of Curative Herbs. How your PC applies or consumes these is down to your their Paradigm. Most equipped buildings will have a supply of these, you may also purchase them in Downtime or off the Guild of Surgeons for 4D each.
Healing 4

Ritual - Field Healer

Remove 1 wound from the target for each participant in this ritual.

Ability - Expert Care

You may now suppress up to 8 levels of wounds.

Ability - Autopsy 

Given 30 seconds of appropriate roleplay with a body, you can ask a ref for a limited amount of information on what killed that body, and what abilities the body might have had. Very useful for unknown monsters.
Healing 5

Ritual - Master Healer 

Mixing rituals and anatomy, you are capable of bewildering feats of medicine. These can include transplants, removing all wounds, etc. If you have extra participants, they must all have the Healing skill and roleplay assisting with the procedure.


Faction Skill of the Explorer Church

Skill Effect
Knowledge 1

Ability - Explorer’s Gaze

By investigating an an object, area or character obviously for 10 seconds and spending 1 stamina, you can ask OC what effects are on them. This will tend to give you the Strength of the effect, it may reveal more on occasion. For example, you could detect a Strength 3 Protection enhancement on someone.
Knowledge 2

Ritual - Immersive Research 

By subjecting yourself to an effect or the aura around an magical item, you can find out what it is, and possibly what caused it to occur. This is a much more hands-on version of investigating which should always lead to some potential risk. The more participants, the more information gained. You may use this on effects that you are already under.
Knowledge 3

Ritual - Shine the Light 

This ritual will reveal a number of secrets, visions or pieces of information about items, locations or people in the vicinity of the ritual. More participants means more information. It has a short range and the answers cannot be targeted to anything specific, but it is widely used in criminal or scholastic investigations as a starting point.

Example Answers: “There are two thieves in this room”, “The Phantom haunting this place was killed in a magical accident”, “You see a Hellion holding a bloodied knife and stabbing a ship”
Knowledge 4

Ritual - Revealing the Path Ahead 

This targets the Leader of the ritual. You will receive a vision of some action to perform that will help you solve a given problem. It will never explain why you should do this, and it is unreliable at best for interpersonal issues. For example it cannot find a murderer, but it could point you to a place to search to find the murder weapon. You cannot direct the outcome beyond "How do I solve this problem?". More participants means a more specific hint, or a larger selection of ideas
Knowledge 5

Ritual - Shared Ideal 

Shared Ideal can enforce Truths on the world. The power level is relative to how important a Truth this is. You may:

  • Enforce Truths that cause lower-level Knowledge rituals to return a desired result.
  • Remove existing memories or implant new ones on a Target who is present throughout.
  • Create an enhancement on yourself that lets you use a lower-level skill that someone else knows, once.
Consent to the ritual isn’t required but makes it require fewer participants.


Faction Skill of the Democracy

Skill Effect
Meta-Rituals 1

Ability - Analyse Power

By spending 10 seconds obviously investigating a ritual, you may spend 1 stamina and ask OC what the effect of the ritual is and how much stamina has been spent on it. Or you may spend 10 seconds close enough to someone to touch them and spend 1 stamina to ask OC: How much stamina do you have currently?
Meta-Rituals 2

Ritual - Delay

This ritual works on a single Target within 10m. The leader of the ritual may call DISRUPT on the Target after each 10 seconds of continuous roleplay. While using this ability you must remain within 10m of the thing you are delaying, you may not fight and you must move no faster than a walking pace. You may choose to end this ritual at will. Delay may also be used on other supernatural effects.
Meta-Rituals 3

Ability - Bolster Effect

This may be used while you lead a ritual. Every Participant counts as contributing 50% more stamina than they did. Using this ability consumes all of your remaining stamina (This stamina is not contributed to the Ritual).
Meta-Rituals 4

Ability - Create Ritual Anchor 

Create a ritual anchor that contains a ritual's effects. This requires a suitable anchor physrepped by a reasonably bulky item. A flag, a backpack “filled with scrolls”, a large box etc. You perform the ritual on the item, and pay double the normal stamina cost. Anyone may use the ritual anchor to perform the ritual, getting the effect stated on the item card. Anchors cost 16 Ducatto per level of the ritual.
Meta-Rituals 5

Ritual - Bolster Stamina

Places an enhancement on the leader of the ritual. Activate this enhancement to gain 1 extra temporary Stamina for each two participants to a maximum of 5 stamina. This does not stack with itself. This is a Level 5 effect that normally lasts until midnight.

Ability - Bridge the Gap 

You may attempt to combine a ritual that you know with a ritual or ability that someone else knows, or the other way round. You must both be participants in the experimental ritual. It’s always hardest when either trying a new ritual with the same partner, or the improvised ritual with a different partner.


Faction Skill of the Aspirant Church

This tree is mostly concerned with the creation and manipulation of revenants, see Revenant for the rules for revenants. All skills on this tree require a mostly-complete adult corpse of a sentient species. Anything else has insufficient complexity.

Skill Effect
Necromancy 1

Ritual - Reanimate

By performing a 30 second ritual on a deceased body, you make it rise as a revenant for around 10 minutes.

Ritual - Extended Service

By performing a ritual with N other people, you may extend the lifespan of a revenant by N days.
Necromancy 2

Ritual - By Our Command

By performing a ritual with N other people, you can upgrade your revenant with either +N hits or the capability to perform complex tasks. A revenant may only have one of these upgrades.

Ability - Retention of Service

By 10s of appropriate roleplay to a dying revenant you may call CURE 1 on the target revenant.
Necromancy 3

Ability - As You Were Before

Given 30 seconds of appropriate roleplay in a non-stressful situation, you may restore any revenants within touch range to full hits and repair any of their locations ruined by CRUSH. This costs 3 stamina.
Necromancy 4

Ritual - Aspire to More

By performing a ritual targeting a single revenant you may add one of the following upgrades for each two participants you have in the ritual: (2 calls of STRIKEDOWN, 4 calls of KNOCKBACK, use polearm, use shield). The sets of calls are recharged by use of Necromancy 3 - As you were before.
Necromancy 5

Ritual - Unfettered Ambition 

You can experiment with giving revenants other powers and will be given a good idea of what is and is not possible.


Faction Skill of the Celebrant Church

This skill tree makes use of the systems emotion and drug effects.

Skill Effect
Psychomancy 1

Ability - Inspire Feelings

After talking to someone for an at least 10 seconds and suggesting an opinion they should have, spend 1 stamina and then call “EFFECT 1: YOU BEGIN TO FEEL emotion for at least 5 minutes”.
Psychomancy 2

Ritual - Shared Emotions

Each participant gains the following strength 2 enhancement: “You may once call EFFECT 2: YOU BEGIN TO FEEL emotion for at least 5 minutes”.

Ability - Gossip

After talking to a person, object or supernatural presence for at least 10 seconds and asking them how they feel, spend 2 stamina and then call “COMPEL 2,: You feel a desire to tell me about yourself. This lasts 5 minutes”. This can give a voice to inanimate objects, creatures or effects. Inanimate things will have no memory or any real personality.
Psychomancy 3

Ritual - Empower Totem 

You may charge a harmless item such as a liquid, powder or sealed note with emotional energy. When opened or consumed, the user takes the named emotion or drug effect as an EFFECT 3. Totems may be hidden in sealed containers, used to poison drinks, etc. A totem is a strength 3 effect. You may make up to 3 totems + up to 4 per additional participant with this ritual. Totems cost 2 Ducatto each to make.

Ritual - An Echo Remains 

This ritual will give you an impression of emotions or past dramatic events associated with any one object that each participant is touching during the ritual. Doing this more than once on the same object or area counts as a second cast on the same target.
Psychomancy 4

Ritual - Gentle Reminder

You may place a Strength 4 effect on a character present during the ritual to make them associate a person, object or symbol with a given emotion. Whenever they see that thing, they will feel that emotion for a moment. This lasts 1 day, With more participants you can attempt to increase the duration, number of targets or strength of emotion felt by the targets.
Psychomancy 5

Ability - Extremes of Feeling

You may now use Empower Totem with the following emotion effects, for double the normal cost: Agony, Euphoria.

Ritual - Haunt 

You may place emotion effects on inanimate objects or entire areas. Anyone in the area or touching/owning the object will take the effect. Sufficiently powerful castings of this may be used to create sprites bound to a location. Weaker castings allow results such as placing an emotion on everyone in the room.


Faction Skill of the Hegemony

Use of Money in Creating Talismans and Magical Equipment

Due to the fact that Destruction of Currency is a Major Crime, PCs are assumed to not directly use money to make items with Talismancy. Handing your coins to a Ref is an abstraction of "I go and buy some gold wire, expensive ink or other rare components". If your PC wants to directly and illegally use money to make things with Talismancy, see a Ref.

Skill Effect
Talismancy 1

Ritual - Petty Talismancy 

Create a talisman that stores any spell or strike costing 2 or fewer stamina. This ritual requires an appropriate item as detailed here and the appropriate spell/strike being used on the item by one of the participants. The target of this ritual is both the item being turned into a talisman and the participant providing the skill. Adding more participants lets you create more talismans of the same type at once. You can create an additional talisman for every 2 extra participants, participants that know the skill being used count double but become targets of the ritual. Creating a talisman can only be done at a workshop in downtime or at the portal.

Making a talisman costs:

Ritual - Salvage 

Break down an existing magical item into valuable spare parts. Needs 1 participant per level of the item. Must be done at a portal. Requires a bead draw. White gives 25% of the value, Black 75%, Red gives nothing and the leader takes a wound as the item explodes.
Talismancy 2

Ritual - Artifice 

Make and recharge a piece of magic equipment that replicates a single L1 or 2 profession or combat skill other than Talismancy. One participant must know the skill you are creating equipment for. The targets are an object to be empowered and at least one participant that is providing the skill.

  • L1 Item: 40 Ducatto to create, 32 to recharge.
  • L2 Item: 80 Ducatto to create, 64 to recharge.

Ritual - Custom Job 

Each week you may make or recharge a single piece of magic equipment that only works for yourself. This costs 0 Ducatto and otherwise works the same as Artifice, with the same restrictions. This may be performed in uptime, the same as any Ritual.
Talismancy 3

Ritual - Greater Talismancy 

As Petty Talismancy but for a spell or strike costing 3 or fewer stamina. This costs 56 Ducatto.

Ability - Efficiency

You may use an extra talisman per day.
Talismancy 4

Ritual - Masterpiece  

You may make and recharge a personal magical device. This costs no money to create or recharge, does not count as your one piece of magic equipment, is permanently attuned to you and can replicate a single L1-3 Combat or Profession skill. You may only have one of these in existence, creating a second one destroys the first.

Ritual - Attunement

Perform this ritual with someone who knows the skill you want your personal magical device to copy. Your personal magical device now holds that skill for you. You may only update your device once a week.
Talismancy 5

Ability - Prototype 

Can attempt to create novel magic equipment or talismans with effects similar to known skills or entirely novel functions. Expense may vary.


Faction Skill of the Guild of Caravaneers

Faction Skill of the Guild of Antiquarians

Skill Effect
Trade 1

Gain an extra 32 Ducatto per week.

Ability - Rumours

May send in one rumour with your downtime. It will appear in the downtime of at least one other PC.
Trade 2

Gain an extra 32 Ducatto per week

Ritual - Tireless Courier 

This ritual targets a letter, or a wrapped object under 18” square that is held by the leader of the ritual. It vanishes and will reappear in the intended recipient’s hands. This takes an unspecified amount of time. Send one extra letter per participant.
Trade 3

Ability - Special Offer

Gain 1 random item per week. This may be a talisman, item of historical interest or something else entirely.

Ability - Appraise

You have an OC sheet of lore codes that you can use to read the value of an item from those written on a ribbon.
Trade 4

Ability - Negotiation

Talk to someone for at least 10 seconds, informing them that you are not an enemy, spend 4 stamina and then call “EFFECT 4: You may not make system calls against me for five minutes, unless I make a system call against you”.
Trade 5

Ritual - Hard Sell 

The finest tool a salesperson could have. Its effects include, but are not limited to:

  • Send a specific vision to a given person. More participants means it scales from “dream” to “in your face technicolour advert”
  • Locate a person willing to sell you a specific form of good or service, if they are close enough to reach you. They will receive “COMPEL 1: Talk to <your character’s name> and a feeling of where you are.
  • Move significantly larger objects than Tireless Courier is able to. Size of item and distance moved scales to the number of participants.
Other trade or communications effects are entirely possible with this ritual.


Faction Skill of the Guild of Mages

Skill Effect
Transmutation 1

Ability - Orison

By 5 seconds of appropriate roleplay, costs 0 stamina. Causes one of the following. Extinguish, Ignite, Create Water, Blow Air, Create Light. They do what they say, work at touch range and have no mechanical effect, working only briefly. You may research more effects by submitting them as a Major Action in your Downtime.
Transmutation 2

Ritual - Transference

Remove effects from other people by placing them onto yourself or a willing target. The effect is moved and has its level and duration reduced by half. Moving an effect costs four times as much stamina as the effect’s level. Participants may spend extra stamina to reach this amount.

Ability - Alchemy

By 10 seconds of appropriate roleplay and 2 stamina. You may turn about a glassful of water into one of the following: Acid, Alkali, Pure Alcohol, Lubricant, Glue, Solvent, Dye, Bleach, Cooling Solution, Heat Solution, Preservative. These last 30 min or until used. Other liquids at ref discretion, typically after PC research.
Transmutation 3

Ritual - Destruction

The leader is the target of this ritual. The leader of the ritual then gains one use of instantaneous MAGIC TRIPLE KNOCKBACK after every 10 seconds of continuous, stationary roleplay. Other participants may leave after the first 10 seconds, only the leader is required to continue the Ritual. The total number of calls granted by this Ritual is equal to the number of participants +1. You may save calls up and use them later in the Ritual. If the leader voluntarily moves from the spot, the Ritual ends. When the Ritual ends, the leader loses the calls. This is the ritual of blowing up gates and boss monsters. This ritual must be performed in a loud, obvious manner.
Transmutation 4

Ritual - Subvert the Ideal 

Subvert effects and COMPELs, altering the effect that they have. The casters will not know if they have succeeded against a COMPEL.
Transmutation 5

Ritual - Cleanse the Earth 

“Cleanse the Earth” can solve seemingly limitless problems via enough brute arcane force. Examples include removing an effect or wound entirely, blasting holes in a fortification, or casting out possession by a Stranger. However, it invariably has side effects in other areas. An exorcism subject may find their personality scrambled for a while. Sappers might take some wounds from backlash. The total stamina spent by the participants must be at least 10. Participants may spend extra stamina to reach this minimum. This ritual must be performed in a loud, obvious manner.


Faction Skill of the Builder Church

Skill Effect
Will 1

Ability - Inspire

Spend 10 seconds giving someone a clear instruction. Spend 1 stamina. Call EFFECT 1: Gain 1 extra stamina this encounter. This can take them over their maximum stamina.
Will 2

Ritual - United, We Stand

By working together on a ritual with other people, you may bond into a group. All members have the ability to call RESIST to WIDE or MASS calls emanating from other members, provided they can see the caster. You can only be in one group.

Ritual - Abjuration

The leader is the target of this ritual. This ritual takes 5 seconds to begin, after which participants may leave. The leader of the ritual then gains one use of instantaneous KNOCKBACK after every 5 seconds of continuous, stationary roleplay You may use these calls at any time in the current encounter, and save them up. If they move, the ritual ends and they lose the calls. The maximum number of calls is equal to the number of participants times three.
Will 3

Ritual - Hear and Obey  

You may perform a ritual which allows you to call COMPEL N: (a single five-word command) on a target within line of sight. The level of the COMPEL is equal to the number of participants up to a maximum of 10. You may ask a ref to deliver the COMPEL anonymously.
Will 4

Ability - Mind War

You may choose to pay double the Stamina or Wound cost to resist a COMPEL. You may then immediately call the same COMPEL at any target within 10m..
Will 5

Ability - Commanding Presence

The COMPEL strength for Hear and Obey is equal to double the number of participants, up to a maximum of 10. Hear and Obey may now be used with a 10-word command. The target must still be within line of sight.

Ability - Dominate

In the name of yourself or your organisation, spend 5 seconds to order a character to do one of the following things, then Spend 5 stamina and call COMPEL 10: <one of the following orders>

  • “Give me that [item]”
  • “Stay away from that [character/object]”
  • “Heal [that character]"
  • “Incapacitate [that character]”