The Vendicsal



The Vendicsal is the name given to the loosely-organised nation of Alfar Clans and their retainers. They are motivated by glory. This should not be mistaken for foolhardiness, or stupidity: glory should be seen as the desire to act in the search of a good story that you can tell to others. Dying for one’s story is utterly stupid: you need to get back alive to be glorious and tell of your accomplishments, though admittedly this can often go horribly, horribly wrong. The intention should be there, though. Such glorious deeds can be good or bad, they must simply be glorious enough that listeners gasp in awe. They also vary in form depending upon the role one has been assigned in the Vendicsal nation, one’s ‘life-path’.

Faction Skill: Biomancy

Naming conventions: Old Norse, any names from a Nordic country.

Vendicsal Alfar dueling


The Vendicsal in five points

Glory is what makes a good story
You should ideally be the one telling it
Colonizers defend hearth and home, Crusaders seize the hearths and homes of others
Stick to your role, or face the consequences
Rivalry is a glorious thing, undermining others is foolish
Especially if it effects your clan or the Vendicsal nation.
All the faiths are worth at least nodding your head to
You never know when you might need a God on your side.
Your link to your home is your clan
It should not be abandoned.

What they are not

Glorious Idiots
Whilst it is easy to confuse bravery and stupidity, this is not a confusion that is made by the Vendicsal. If you die dramatically saving your people from a golem attack whilst looking dashing and achieving a pyrrhic victory, that is bravery. If you charged into said battle with no thought to your survival, and with no preparation, that is stupidity.

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