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Skills marked with   require a ref to use.

Skills marked with are currently unavailable and will require player action to be unlocked.

Profession Skills give you access to various support, investigation and enhancement abilities.

Your Faction gives you a discount on one of these skills.

A profession skill gives you access to all rituals and abilities described for that level of the skill.

Skill Effect
Healing 1

Ability - Stitch-Up

With 10 seconds of appropriate roleplay, during which the bleed count is paused, call CURE 1 to a dying character.

In a non-stressful situation with appropriate roleplay, you may heal all hits on an unresisting target and then call COMPEL 2: "You feel exhausted." on that target.

Ability - Diagnose

With 10 seconds of appropriate roleplay, may determine what sort of wound someone is suffering from or how many hits they have left.
Healing 2

Ability - Nurse

With 2 min of appropriate roleplay you may suppress the effects up to 4 levels of wounds. You may divide this total up between multiple people. You must accompany the targets in order to keep suppressing their wounds. You may change whose wounds you are suppressing and by how much with 2 min of appropriate roleplay.

Ability - Splint

In a non-stressful situation, you may heal a CRUSH effect with appropriate roleplay.
Healing 3

Ability - Field Medic

In a non-stressful situation, you may heal all hits on multiple characters with appropriate roleplay.

Ability - The Doctor is In

In an appropriately equipped building (The interactive venue is always equipped for this) you may remove a number of wound levels from a patient with appropriate roleplay. If the patient has stamina, it is reduced to 0. Each wound level healed using this skill requires one dose of Curative Herbs. How your PC applies or consumes these is down to your their Paradigm. Most equipped buildings will have a supply of these, you may also purchase them in Downtime or off the Guild of Surgeons for 4D each.
Healing 4

Ritual - Field Healer

Remove 1 wound from the target for each participant in this ritual.

Ability - Expert Care

You may now suppress up to 8 levels of wounds.

Ability - Autopsy 

Given 30 seconds of appropriate roleplay with a body, you can ask a ref for a limited amount of information on what killed that body, and what abilities the body might have had. Very useful for unknown monsters.
Healing 5

Ritual - Master Healer 

Mixing rituals and anatomy, you are capable of bewildering feats of medicine. These can include transplants, removing all wounds, etc. If you have extra participants, they must all have the Healing skill and roleplay assisting with the procedure.