Church of the Aspirant


God of Power and Perfection. The Flawless Form. Depicted as an androgynous figure wearing a blank black mask and a pure white robe.

Faction Skill: Necromancy

Common Faction Symbol: A black mask.


The Church of Aspirant has existed in some form as long as history allows. Aspirant has been linked to necromancy since the very beginning, and cults of necromancers existed before most cities. It is theorized that their source of cheap labour is what led to the creation of the first cities. Of all the Gods, Aspirant is the one who detests Strangers most vehemently, and is also the most militant about conversion. The Inquisition, pre-Treaty, was known to burn at the stake those who refused to say a prayer in Aspirant’s name or who were thought to be harbouring Strangers. Since the signing of the Treaty, there have been no such acts of open aggression from the Church, though splinter factions of fanatics are always a rumour...


Aspirant is a supreme being in the eyes of Their followers, who is trying to help those of the Realm worship Them and through that seek perfection. Aspirant's followers believe that although they will never become perfect, upon death they will be able to gaze upon the ideal form of Aspirant at last. The more they improve themselves and exalt Aspirant in this world, the closer their view of Aspirant will be. Clerics of Aspirant are always striving to better themselves and others. They speak out against pushing anyone from the path of self-improvement.

The common man finds solace in the doctrine and focus of Aspirant. Aspirants at all parts of the path are welcomed, and perfection can be seen in many different ways, families who have spent generations in the same trade might well agree that the search for perfection is an important one, as would any individual with ambition. The protective nature of the Church- especially their teaching that the weak should be protected so they may be made stronger also garners it much support. Your average citizen also likes knowing that the Church will stop Strangers like Hellions from killing their family.


Inquisitors of Aspirant often do double-time as watchmen in their hometowns. They believe that a just society is one where the ambitious and worthy have their chance to rise, and prejudice and nepotism must be stamped out ruthlessly. Assaulting the weak is seen as particularly sinful as it denies them their chance to rise.

Aspirant and Necromancy

The Aspirant Church is the greatest teaching centre for necromancy in the world. Revenants are seen as a way for those who have passed on from this imperfect world to do a final service to those who still strive. The preserved, gloved and masked bodies of the dead are used for most of the Church’s menial labour needs. The caretaker of an Aspirant cathedral is more likely than not a necromancer with a half-dozen of the Masked to do their sweeping and polishing.


Guild or Church costume features are those that add to the base look of the culture your Agent belongs to. Popular fashions and styles within the Church of the Aspirant:

  • Some kit that is black and white, regardless of culture.
  • Black or white masks. Some feel a black mask best represents the desire to chase perfection, others feel a plain white one indicates the gulf between mere mortals and Aspirant.
  • Motivational phrases. On books, strips of cloth, pennants.
  • Bags of food, improving literature or tools to hand out to those with both need and ambitions.
  • Spare Revenant masks, veils etc.

Five points on the Aspirant

They are here to Inspire
Whatever others seek here (besides Strangers of course), if they do so in with determination and drive, they do so with the blessing of Aspirant.
They are here to Defend
Portals always attract Strangers, but these lands are cursed even more with them. They must be met head on, for they encourage the corruption of a person’s aims to serve their own.
With limited Agents permitted to come here for each faction, necromancy offers an acceptable way to provide much-needed labour.
The use of worker Masked should be encouraged.
Do not let those with power oppress those without
This will stop them from growing and aspiring to more.
Never waste supplies or people
Nothing is so low that it isn't worth supporting

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