Faction Skill of the Aspirant Church

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Skills marked with   require a ref to use.

Skills marked with are currently unavailable and will require player action to be unlocked.

Profession Skills give you access to various support, investigation and enhancement abilities.

Your Faction gives you a discount on one of these skills.

A profession skill gives you access to all rituals and abilities described for that level of the skill.

This tree is mostly concerned with the creation and manipulation of revenants, see Revenant for the rules for revenants. All skills on this tree require a mostly-complete adult corpse of a sentient species. Anything else has insufficient complexity.

Skill Effect
Necromancy 1

Ritual - Reanimate

By performing a 30 second ritual on a deceased body, you make it rise as a revenant for around 10 minutes.

Ritual - Extended Service

By performing a ritual with N other people, you may extend the lifespan of a revenant by N days.
Necromancy 2

Ritual - By Our Command

By performing a ritual with N other people, you can upgrade your revenant with either +N hits or the capability to perform complex tasks. A revenant may only have one of these upgrades.

Ability - Retention of Service

By 10s of appropriate roleplay to a dying revenant you may call CURE 1 on the target revenant.
Necromancy 3

Ability - As You Were Before

Given 30 seconds of appropriate roleplay in a non-stressful situation, you may restore any revenants within touch range to full hits and repair any of their locations ruined by CRUSH. This costs 3 stamina.
Necromancy 4

Ritual - Aspire to More

By performing a ritual targeting a single revenant you may add one of the following upgrades for each two participants you have in the ritual: (2 calls of STRIKEDOWN, 4 calls of KNOCKBACK, use polearm, use shield). The sets of calls are recharged by use of Necromancy 3 - As you were before.
Necromancy 5

Ritual - Unfettered Ambition 

You can experiment with giving revenants other powers and will be given a good idea of what is and is not possible.