Revenants are mobile bodies that are created by either the Necromancy profession tree or the Corpus mystic tree.

All Revenants

All revenants have the following properties:

  • They are roleplayed as juddering bodies.
  • A character may control up to two revenants at a time.
  • You cannot reanimate the same body twice.
  • Revenants don’t regenerate hits and can’t be healed by anything but Necromancy 2 and 3.
  • Revenants are immune to COMPEL or any other mental effect.
  • Revenants can imply SINGLE with a one-handed weapon.
  • Multiple masters tend to interfere with the control signals of revenants. It’s a bad idea to keep your revenants near revenants controlled by another character, as they behave unpredictably or may spontaneously deanimate.
  • Revenants tend to deanimate near the Portal. A 5 minute exposure, or two shorter exposures in one day will cause most revenants to die.

Corpus Revenants

  • Revenants created by the Corpus skills die at their next REFRESH.
  • When they reach 0 hits they are destroyed.

Necromancy Revenants

Revenants created by the Necromancy skills have the following extra properties:

  • They will obey the orders of their creator and anyone who participated in an upgrade ritual on them.
  • They have 1 hit by default.
  • When they reach 0 hits they become dying for 30 seconds, after which they are destroyed. If they are healed during this time by necromancy skills, they stop bleeding.
  • Revenants can be optimised either for combat strength or for a semblance of intelligence and the ability to perform complex tasks.
    • “Worker” revenants are of little use in combat, but it is possible to command gangs of them.
    • “Warrior” revenants either need to be bound to a specific place or patrol route as guards, “recharged” regularly, or used as expendable troops with a lifespan of mere minutes.

Strangers are known to have ways of making revenants which have various degrees of memory and personality. The means is uncertain, and Explorer’s church considers these to be utterly abominable.