The Hegemony



The Hegemony is a federal republic that came together out of the remnants of a fallen empire. A puppet king is maintained more as a scapegoat than anything else, but the actual power is in the Senate, based in the city of Cranford. The Districts vary somewhat in culture and outlook, but each elects a Senator to represent them within the Hegemony. The main goal of the Hegemony is defence, with Districts otherwise mostly governing their own affairs. To that end, only those who have performed military or civil service for two years are eligible to vote.

As an agent of the Hegemony, you are a representative of your district. There are rarely more than one figure from any one district at the portal at the same time: it is a very important post that is allocated directly by the Senator. Thus, you are answerable to them, the Senate, and sometimes interests in your district who can support you in more subtle ways if you advance their goals.

Faction Skill: Talismancy

Naming Conventions: Anything that's not covered by the other Nation's naming suggestions:

Other factions naming suggestions:

Old Norse, any names from a Nordic country.
Predominantly Turkish names, also Ancient Greek, Byzantine.

Avoid high-fantasy names like "Lord Demonslayer Harald of the Eighteen Dominions". No aristocratic titles.

Hegemony Citizens


These ones are wearing symbols of the Builder.

The Hegemony in five points

Be good at many things, rather than just one
You never know when an unusual skill might save your community.
Further the domains of the Hegemony as much as a possible
Extending one's defence is never a crime.
You are answerable to your superiors
Disobedience means you will be re-appointed.
Always defend your community, whatever that community is.
Order is the most solid basis for society
Prevent chaos wherever it rears its head.

What they are not

Backward farmers
Although there are some elements of the Hegemony who live in distant villages (which are admittedly quite muddy), people of the Hegemony have the same spectrum of intelligence and culture as those of other factions. Whether this is the view of the other factions, though, may vary...
The Hegemony are a melting pot of different races and cultures, there is no fixed 'Hegemony' view of things, beyond the importance of order. Although outright slavery is illegal, local laws on indentured servitude and necromancy vary, making the some districts notably more friendly to certain Builder or Aspirant sects than others.
A Monarchy
The so-called "king" is merely a circus, a condemned criminal paraded around and executed at the first political crisis of their reign. They are a reminder to the Senate that the people will not tolerate rulership, only representation.

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