Faction Skill of the Hegemony

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Skills marked with   require a ref to use.

Skills marked with are currently unavailable and will require player action to be unlocked.

Profession Skills give you access to various support, investigation and enhancement abilities.

Your Faction gives you a discount on one of these skills.

A profession skill gives you access to all rituals and abilities described for that level of the skill.

Use of Money in Creating Talismans and Magical Equipment

Due to the fact that Destruction of Currency is a Major Crime, PCs are assumed to not directly use money to make items with Talismancy. Handing your coins to a Ref is an abstraction of "I go and buy some gold wire, expensive ink or other rare components". If your PC wants to directly and illegally use money to make things with Talismancy, see a Ref.

Skill Effect
Talismancy 1

Ritual - Petty Talismancy 

Create a talisman that stores any spell or strike costing 2 or fewer stamina. This ritual requires an appropriate item as detailed here and the appropriate spell/strike being used on the item by one of the participants. The target of this ritual is both the item being turned into a talisman and the participant providing the skill. Adding more participants lets you create more talismans of the same type at once. You can create an additional talisman for every 2 extra participants, participants that know the skill being used count double but become targets of the ritual. Creating a talisman can only be done at a workshop in downtime or at the portal.

Making a talisman costs:

Ritual - Salvage 

Break down an existing magical item into valuable spare parts. Needs 1 participant per level of the item. Must be done at a portal. Requires a bead draw. White gives 25% of the value, Black 75%, Red gives nothing and the leader takes a wound as the item explodes.
Talismancy 2

Ritual - Artifice 

Make and recharge a piece of magic equipment that replicates a single L1 or 2 profession or combat skill other than Talismancy. One participant must know the skill you are creating equipment for. The targets are an object to be empowered and at least one participant that is providing the skill.

  • L1 Item: 40 Ducatto to create, 32 to recharge.
  • L2 Item: 80 Ducatto to create, 64 to recharge.

Ritual - Custom Job 

Each week you may make or recharge a single piece of magic equipment that only works for yourself. This costs 0 Ducatto and otherwise works the same as Artifice, with the same restrictions. This may be performed in uptime, the same as any Ritual.
Talismancy 3

Ritual - Greater Talismancy 

As Petty Talismancy but for a spell or strike costing 3 or fewer stamina. This costs 56 Ducatto.

Ability - Efficiency

You may use an extra talisman per day.
Talismancy 4

Ritual - Masterpiece  

You may make and recharge a personal magical device. This costs no money to create or recharge, does not count as your one piece of magic equipment, is permanently attuned to you and can replicate a single L1-3 Combat or Profession skill. You may only have one of these in existence, creating a second one destroys the first.

Ritual - Attunement

Perform this ritual with someone who knows the skill you want your personal magical device to copy. Your personal magical device now holds that skill for you. You may only update your device once a week.
Talismancy 5

Ability - Prototype 

Can attempt to create novel magic equipment or talismans with effects similar to known skills or entirely novel functions. Expense may vary.