Magical Items


Is it Magic?

Any magical object will have one or more blue ribbons on it with a description (FOCUS/TALISMAN/MAGIC EQUIPMENT/OTHER) and the level of any effect on it. You can tell this thing is magical if you can see the ribbon, as it feels powerful in some way.


Talismans are the intent and power needed to use a spell or strike, packaged into a handy device. You do not need to know how to use a spell or strike to use a talisman. When a character uses a talisman, they may cast the spell or make the strike immediately, and the talisman loses its power. A talisman will have a card describing the call that it contains.

  • A character may use up to three talismans a day.
  • A character may use a TALISMAN even if their torso is suffering a CRUSH

A talisman may be any item that would be acceptable as a focus (for storing spells) or a weapon (for storing strikes); this includes an existing focus. A suitable item can contain up to 3 talismans. To use the talisman you must use the item as your focus to cast the spell, or your weapon to make the blow.

Talismans can be created by characters with the skill Talismancy 1.

You can choose to buy talismans from NPC vendors as a minor action in your downtime. The prices they charge are as follows:

Magic Equipment

A piece of magic equipment grants a single specific level of a Combat or Profession Skill to the character that it is attuned to as long as it is on their person; a character can only be attuned to a single piece of magical equipment at a time.

The item's powers are written on a sealed card that accompanies the item. To find out what a piece of magic equipment does you can either examine it with Knowledge 2 or attune to it.

You may choose to attune a piece of magic equipment overnight, by having it near you while you sleep; please inform the refs when you do so. Attuning to a piece of magical equipment breaks any prior atunements for both you and the item.

Magic equipment needs recharging once a week by a character with the skill Talismancy 2, at the cost given in that section. If it has not been recharged that week, it does not grant access to its skill and you should hand in its item card.

Magic equipment can be created by characters with the skill Talismancy 2.