Church of the Builder


God of Community and Loyalty. The Perfect City. Never depicted the same twice in any church or artwork, as the Builder is the spirit of community. Identified by the bronze trowel or shovel she holds.

Faction Skill: Will

Common Faction Symbol: A trowel or shovel


The modern Church of Builder dates to the beginnings of the Hegemony. It is believed that Builder helped communities form during this time, and that when those communities who worship Builder pass through this world join together again in the next one. Builder Churches have no laws against slavery, but are less open about keeping their slaves after the Treaty, because keeping a member of another Faction captive in such a way may be seen as criminal.

They are certain the Builder favours a strong, hierarchical community. Some believe she wants them to be strong enough to withstand outside threats, to weather storms and profitable enough to make merry during the Winter. The clergy support communities who protect their own and suffer no insult to even the smallest of them and theirs. They believe people should proclaim Builder and all her glory, by word, by deed, by example, by choice.


Many churches have no Inquisition, although there are often Templars ready to guard a temple from any threat. Templars are particularly conspicuous in their defense of Preachers- any who move to strike a preacher quickly find two Templar blades at their throat. Builder’s preachers not only exalt Builder, but often take it upon themselves to preach against the five evils of society- want, disease, ignorance, squalor, and idleness. Most Builders consider the Stranger to be a creature of Ignorance and Idleness, whose nature is to revel in the Realm and not work for the betterment of all. As such, anyone who works or associates with Strangers should find no place in their Community.

Builder and Slavery

Large-scale open slavery is all but unheard of under the Treaty of Ozgur-Sehir, but some Churches of the Builder take criminals, those who choose service over destitution, and the children of parents who cannot care for them as indentured servants. There is always a choice involved, though it may be the decision of a child's parents or the choice to commit a crime. This can produce fanatically devoted labourers and Templars. Read more...


Guild or Church costume features are those that add to the base look of the culture your Agent belongs to. Popular fashions and styles within the Church of the Builder:

  • Belts of thick rope or chain.
  • Hammers. A useful tool, also good for smiting.
  • Detailed contracts for any indentured subordinates, or a copy of your own. It is not uncommon for Builders to sign temporary contracts of servitude to their superiors, even though they retain their freedom.
  • A symbol of your home community. If you're a group, share the same one.
  • Preachy literature to hand out to the Shipwrecked.

Five points on the Builder

They are here to Strengthen.
Castaway villages should follow your example, becoming outposts of their former Nations or countries in their own right.
The inhabitants of Mat Sellah fell to something. Their community was weak.
Find the nature of this weakness, so that the societies of today can protect themselves.
Ensure that the Strangers of Mat Sellah are seen as a danger, not an opportunity,
Strive to ensure that the Portal is well organized, and that the laws are upheld.
Lest the Portal too falls prey to chaos and the communities here are endangered.
Preach the importance of the Builder, and encourage others to spread the importance of her virtues

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