The Democracy



The Democracy was formed by the Ozgur, a slave class of the Unnamed Empire who revolted against their oppressors, tearing down that society and rebuilding it in their image. Decisions are made by means of random polling of Citizens using Rituals focused by their governmental buildings. This manifests by way of COMPEL effects that make Citizens wish to mentally respond to a vote.

Ozgur society developed by consensus as they planned their revolution, with groups agreeing on a plan, then splitting up to spread word. This has stuck in their society and they prefer to congregate in groups of at least three, so they can always find a majority decision.

Citizens of the Democracy are treated as an adult once they have joined a House and decided upon a Mastery. A House is a group of individuals who seek expertise of a specific subject. A Mastery is the particular trade, research area or skill you wish to perfect.

In terms of outside interactions, the Democracy is famed for three things: its diplomats, its spies, and its assassins. These often come together under the same heading, of an ambassador. Always in threes and usually similar in attire and looks, the Ambassadors are experts at manipulation and alibis. A permanent staff of nine Ambassadors heads the Mat Sellah Delegation.

Faction Skill: Meta-Rituals

Naming Conventions: Predominantly Turkish names, also Ancient Greek, Byzantine.

A more martial citzen of the Democracy


The Democracy in Five Points

Act as a representative for the Democracy in all things, and mistrust those who seek power for its own sake.
Never be content with the knowledge or skill that you have
There is always something more.
Be willing to debate your point, but do not let this delay action.
Talk can decide the way, but changes nothing by itself.
Physical fighting is a last resort
Cunning is favoured over violence, but do not hold back when force is due .
Be decisive in your actions.
Half-measures waste time and effort.

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