Faction Skill of the Democracy

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Skills marked with   require a ref to use.

Skills marked with are currently unavailable and will require player action to be unlocked.

Profession Skills give you access to various support, investigation and enhancement abilities.

Your Faction gives you a discount on one of these skills.

A profession skill gives you access to all rituals and abilities described for that level of the skill.

Skill Effect
Meta-Rituals 1

Ability - Analyse Power

By spending 10 seconds obviously investigating a ritual, you may spend 1 stamina and ask OC what the effect of the ritual is and how much stamina has been spent on it. Or you may spend 10 seconds close enough to someone to touch them and spend 1 stamina to ask OC: How much stamina do you have currently?
Meta-Rituals 2

Ritual - Delay

This ritual works on a single Target within 10m. The leader of the ritual may call DISRUPT on the Target after each 10 seconds of continuous roleplay. While using this ability you must remain within 10m of the thing you are delaying, you may not fight and you must move no faster than a walking pace. You may choose to end this ritual at will. Delay may also be used on other supernatural effects.
Meta-Rituals 3

Ability - Bolster Effect

This may be used while you lead a ritual. Every Participant counts as contributing 50% more stamina than they did. Using this ability consumes all of your remaining stamina (This stamina is not contributed to the Ritual).
Meta-Rituals 4

Ability - Create Ritual Anchor 

Create a ritual anchor that contains a ritual's effects. This requires a suitable anchor physrepped by a reasonably bulky item. A flag, a backpack “filled with scrolls”, a large box etc. You perform the ritual on the item, and pay double the normal stamina cost. Anyone may use the ritual anchor to perform the ritual, getting the effect stated on the item card. Anchors cost 16 Ducatto per level of the ritual.
Meta-Rituals 5

Ritual - Bolster Stamina

Places an enhancement on the leader of the ritual. Activate this enhancement to gain 1 extra temporary Stamina for each two participants to a maximum of 5 stamina. This does not stack with itself. This is a Level 5 effect that normally lasts until midnight.

Ability - Bridge the Gap 

You may attempt to combine a ritual that you know with a ritual or ability that someone else knows, or the other way round. You must both be participants in the experimental ritual. It’s always hardest when either trying a new ritual with the same partner, or the improvised ritual with a different partner.