The Ozgur


Once the underclass of an Empire whose name they have purged from history, the Ozgur now seek to create a society more advanced and knowledgeable than any other. Bred and altered for hardiness, they have stony or metallic scales across parts of their skin. Ozgur tend towards single-minded focus on things that interest them and blunt apathy towards anything that does not.


The Ozgur are a former slave race, modified over centuries to be slightly more physically resilient than average. THe increase was slight, and almost unnoticeable on the individual scale. However, across a population of workers, the reductions in sickness, injury and sleep added up to a fortune saved. A side effect of this "stony endurance" appears to the be the mineralised "scales" across an Ozgur's skin.

The original Ozgur were bred to be intelligent so that they could accomplish a variety of difficult tasks efficiently, but obedient so that they never questioned their position in society. However, with their voracious intellects, it was inevitable that eventually they began asking the basic question of ‘Why?’. From this point onwards, their alliance with the Explorer Church and eventual rebellion was an inevitability.

After their rebellion, Ozgur focused on the pursuit of the intellectual, in whatever sphere of life that they enter. They also prefer to be in groups of three: therefore, in the case of an argument, a majority can always be decided. Democracy society is oriented towards this, but Ozgur in any faction will have a tendency to group with other Ozgur, or those who understand the finer points of debate.

Playing Ozgur

Ozgur should appeal to players who enjoy the idea of playing clever characters who are focused on solving (or indeed creating!) problems through wit, cunning and decisive action.

Emotionally, Ozgur can appear distant until known well. This is a studied state, as Ozgur have learned the hard way that what you clearly care about can be taken and used against you. Ozgur society notes varied forms of love, from the physical, the mental, the familial, and indeed everything in-between. Ozgur tend to be very clear about where you stand in their affections, and rarely shy from greeting someone with "Ah, hello, my acquaintance!" nor being upfront with their desires. They are not pushy or crude, but they do value honesty.

Fictional inspirations

  • Scotty or Bones from Star Trek, Spock is a somewhat poor example of Ozgur personality.
  • Agatha Heterodyne or Baron Wulfenbach from Girl Genius.
  • Syrio Forel or Littlefinger from Game of Thrones both would make excellent Ozgur. One is a wonderful example of a philosophical swordsman, another of an expert in politics and commerce.
  • Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) in the Marvel films.
  • Newton Geiszler or Gottlieb from Pacific Rim.
  • Q from the Bond movies.
  • Luke Skywalker in Return of the Jedi.
  • Shepherd Derrial Book from Firefly.
  • Irene Adler or Sherlock in Elementary.
  • Sabetha from the Lies of Locke Lamora.

What the Ozgur are not

The scales on their flesh are rocky to the touch and more like crystals growing from within the skin. Ignorant foreigners may need to be reminded about this, with as much sarcasm and scorn as necessary.
The Ozgur are not robots. They are incredibly passionate about their Mastery, that's why they chose it. They have equal levels of fervour for any other cause that interests them, but they either care deeply about something or care very little.
Ozgur can, and will fight. It is merely not their first choice. Or their second. If a diplomatic or intellectual solution can be found they'll go for that first. They are, however, masters of carefully applied sudden force if no other way forward presents itself. An Alfar presented with a locked door would most likely try and smash it down. An Ozgur would look for the key or pick the lock, but would not hesitate for a moment should a hammer become the best solution.