Guild of Caravaneers


Holds a practical monopoly on trading between cities, and are more than willing to enforce blockades against non-Guild traders. They are also known to hire out their caravan guards and Agents as mercenaries to other Factions, taking advantage of their reputation for professionalism and neutrality.

Faction Skill: Trade

Faction Symbol: A ship's wheel.

Note: While you can play a character in the Caravaneers, you should be aware that this faction is mostly present for worldbuilding reasons and NPC use, and so you may get less direct plot and opportunities than in other factions

History and Motivations

They are instrumental in the anti-smuggler blockade of Mat Sellah.However, they realize that abuse of their power for more than just profit is not a good plan. To charge a lot for their services, especially in the treacherous waters near the Portal, is good business, to invite destruction by using their power to take hold of the Portal would be bad sense. As such, they plan on remaining strictly neutral in what’s happening at the Portal, upholding the Law and helping bring back valuable goods to the mainland.

Due to this neutral position, and their reputation for honesty (“Yes, it only costs 5 Ducatto over there, but now I brought it over here it costs 30”) and the reliance on them for supplies from the mainland- including say, food, currying favour with Caravaneers will not go amiss.


They are merchants especially interested in valuable, rare Natural Resources like gold and gems, that they can cart off in small boats. They run the local newspaper, the “Dispatch” as a joint venture with the Explorer Church.

Their few Agents under the auspices of the treaty are either troubleshooters sent to root out impediments to trade routes by sharp wit or sharper blade, or journalists for the Dispatch.

As an Agent of the Caravaneers, you should not concern yourself with trying to sell shiploads of grain. The Guild expects you to sell on the more exotic items that come through their hands, and maybe to write reports for the Dispatch.


Guild or Church costume features are those that add to the base look of the culture your Agent belongs to.

Fashions and styles within the Guild of Caravaneers:

  • Large Bags/Backpacks full of merchandise.
  • Account books.
  • Smart clothing, coordinated colours.
  • Rings, chains, conspicuous but not gaudy displays of wealth. Nicer fabrics than usual if playing Hegemony, for example.
  • Conspicuously displayed weapons on your belt. Agents for the Guild are "problem-solvers" not cart drivers. Even if you prefer wit and organisation, make it clear you're not here to talk about bulk grain prices.

Fictional inspirations:

  • CMOT Dibbler
  • Happy mask salesman from majora’s mask
  • General actually genuinely legitimate merchant types.

Do not use:

  • "Gypsy"/"Tinker" tropes

The Guild of Caravaneers in five points:

They are here for profit
With a captive market of Agents and an ironclad reputation for impartiality, they deliver goods and news in abundance.
They think of the long view
A week is a long time in politics, but a short time when it comes to shipping.
They have a reputation to uphold
Any of their Traders found favouring one side will soon suffer a very public expulsion and asset seizure at the least, and a mysterious disappearance at worst.
They care little for the history
That’s the Antiquarians’ business. If they can’t ship it to a wholesaler in crates, they probably don’t give a damn.
They expect results.
Of all the factions, they care the least about how their agents do the job, so long as it gets done.