Faction Skill of the Guild of Caravaneers

Faction Skill of the Guild of Antiquarians

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Skills marked with   require a ref to use.

Skills marked with are currently unavailable and will require player action to be unlocked.

Profession Skills give you access to various support, investigation and enhancement abilities.

Your Faction gives you a discount on one of these skills.

A profession skill gives you access to all rituals and abilities described for that level of the skill.

Skill Effect
Trade 1

Gain an extra 32 Ducatto per week.

Ability - Rumours

May send in one rumour with your downtime. It will appear in the downtime of at least one other PC.
Trade 2

Gain an extra 32 Ducatto per week

Ritual - Tireless Courier 

This ritual targets a letter, or a wrapped object under 18” square that is held by the leader of the ritual. It vanishes and will reappear in the intended recipient’s hands. This takes an unspecified amount of time. Send one extra letter per participant.
Trade 3

Ability - Special Offer

Gain 1 random item per week. This may be a talisman, item of historical interest or something else entirely.

Ability - Appraise

You have an OC sheet of lore codes that you can use to read the value of an item from those written on a ribbon.
Trade 4

Ability - Negotiation

Talk to someone for at least 10 seconds, informing them that you are not an enemy, spend 4 stamina and then call “EFFECT 4: You may not make system calls against me for five minutes, unless I make a system call against you”.
Trade 5

Ritual - Hard Sell 

The finest tool a salesperson could have. Its effects include, but are not limited to:

  • Send a specific vision to a given person. More participants means it scales from “dream” to “in your face technicolour advert”
  • Locate a person willing to sell you a specific form of good or service, if they are close enough to reach you. They will receive “COMPEL 1: Talk to <your character’s name> and a feeling of where you are.
  • Move significantly larger objects than Tireless Courier is able to. Size of item and distance moved scales to the number of participants.
Other trade or communications effects are entirely possible with this ritual.