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No Flag, No Country: The Manual



Event details

For details on event timings, please see our main society website at

This includes directions to the venue for our next linear and interactive

Website Update ongoing

We are updating the website to fit the most recent Setting and Rules information. The most up to date game information can be found in the documents below:

Welcome to Mat Sellah, a recently discovered land centred around a mysterious Portal to the Beyond. Once a week, the Containment Zone around the Portal is opened up so that anyone with Faction sponsorship may freely investigate the Portal.

Your PC is sufficiently trusted to be allowed unrestricted access during these times. The Delegations number a couple of hundred people from each Faction, and the Portal Camp contains roughly double that number of Guild professionals, sailors, fortune-seekers and so on.

You will get personal objectives sent to you from your factions, and completing these will put you in better standing and potentially get you more resources or responsibility.

You have been authorised to contact any settlements found on Mat Sellah and given an allowance for bribes, supplies, etc. Do well, and prestige and fortune will be yours. Fail, and at best you’ll get a cramped ride back on the next cargo ship...

The year is 616 Post-Collapse, and the treasures of Mat Sellah are yours for the taking.

If you are interested in the game, please come along to one of our Interactives or Linears, or contact the Refs at


Starting XP

  • This week, any new PCs have 48 XP.

Recent Updates:

General Rules

  • DROP has been removed. If your PC is going to fall unconscious, a Ref will tell you this.
  • DISRUPT now only pauses a ritual if it hits the Leader. This saves having to communicate to the Leader when you get hit.
  • Arrows do CRUSH. If you are calling your shot because it's too close to safely loose, you still call TRIPLE STRIKEDOWN.
  • Armour rules have been clarified. You get one extra hit per rank of Armour, and need to cover one location per extra hit you want to claim from the Armour skill. Heavy Armour now gives unlimited uses of "take CRUSH as TRIPLE STRIKEDOWN". Light Armour gives one use of this per encounter.
  • You may use any suitable short phrase like "Builder smite you!" etc. as the vocal for an instant spell. "By my power" was not very thematic.
  • Terminal has been simplified. A Terminal PC is now able to walk if the player wishes them to be, and dies after 30 seconds if they take damage.
  • Stamina now only regenerates on REFRESH.
    • Ability: Catch Breath has been updated to reflect this. It will now not restore Stamina.
  • RESTORE changes to RESTORE LIMBS, which is more self-explanatory.


  • Force 5: Instantaneous MAGIC TRIPLE CRUSH is now MAGIC CRUSH and a L4 Spell. it is replaced by "Instantaneous Magic Triple on 2 separate targets".
  • Meta-Rituals 3: Changes from a Ritual to: Ability - Bolster Effect: This may be used while you lead a ritual. Every Participant counts as contributing 50% more stamina than they did. Using this ability consumes all of your remaining Stamina (This Stamina is not contributed to the Ritual).
  • Will 4: Adds the new Ability Ability- Mind War: You may choose to pay double the Stamina or Wound cost to resist a COMPEL. You may then immediately call the same Compel at any target within 10m.
  • Corpus 4: CURE 9 is now CURE 12
  • Corpus 5: CURE 20 RESTORE is replaced by “Three uses of ranged CURE 3 over the next 10 seconds”

Full rules change list is here.

We will keep the most recent updates on the front page.

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