The Treaty of Ozgur Sehir


Canon Law is based on the Treaty that each Faction has signed. It is a means to resolve disputes between factions and prevent another War of Igimund’s Rift. A Tribunal of the Factions may punish offences under Canon Law. Canon Law is there to prevent disputes between Churches, Nation and Guilds. It also protects Factions which are not necessarily recognised, although they cannot act as Judges.The treaty allows for new factions to join, by agreement of over 50% of the Ambassadors.

Petty and Capital crimes are “traditional” Criminal offences. For Petty and Capital crimes committed by a Faction, its Representatives (the PCs plus any NPCs in a position of power) are the ones responsible for condoning it and therefore the ones who can be punished. High Crimes are deliberate subversions of Canon Law. These are really really bad and will cause Diplomatic Repercussions. If a Faction member was responsible, it’s likely the entire Faction will have to make reparations.

Treaty of Ozgur Sehir main points

The Hegemony, the Democracy and the Vendicsal, together with the Churches of Explorer, Celebrant, Builder and Aspirant (the Factions) do declare:

  • We will not make warfare between each other.
  • In the interests of preventing war, we acknowledge that no Faction shall have monopoly or be denied access to a Portal, but that individual members may have their privileges to do so rescinded.
  • To prevent disputes between Factions, we demand that when one Faction, or a part thereof, abuses another, or a part thereof, that punishment is made.
  • If punishment is inadequate, then we provide a way to seek fair retribution.
  • We acknowledge the right of any individual to attempt to switch allegiances, and will not consider this a crime of either Faction, although we do not welcome such traitors easily.
  • Those individuals of interest to, but not part of, a Faction may be protected by rulings 5 & 6 of this Treaty. Large groups or territories may instead be treated with, either as addenda to or with no regards to this Treaty.