Faction Skill of the Explorer Church

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Skills marked with   require a ref to use.

Skills marked with are currently unavailable and will require player action to be unlocked.

Profession Skills give you access to various support, investigation and enhancement abilities.

Your Faction gives you a discount on one of these skills.

A profession skill gives you access to all rituals and abilities described for that level of the skill.

Skill Effect
Knowledge 1

Ability - Explorer’s Gaze

By investigating an an object, area or character obviously for 10 seconds and spending 1 stamina, you can ask OC what effects are on them. This will tend to give you the Strength of the effect, it may reveal more on occasion. For example, you could detect a Strength 3 Protection enhancement on someone.
Knowledge 2

Ritual - Immersive Research 

By subjecting yourself to an effect or the aura around an magical item, you can find out what it is, and possibly what caused it to occur. This is a much more hands-on version of investigating which should always lead to some potential risk. The more participants, the more information gained. You may use this on effects that you are already under.
Knowledge 3

Ritual - Shine the Light 

This ritual will reveal a number of secrets, visions or pieces of information about items, locations or people in the vicinity of the ritual. More participants means more information. It has a short range and the answers cannot be targeted to anything specific, but it is widely used in criminal or scholastic investigations as a starting point.

Example Answers: “There are two thieves in this room”, “The Phantom haunting this place was killed in a magical accident”, “You see a Hellion holding a bloodied knife and stabbing a ship”
Knowledge 4

Ritual - Revealing the Path Ahead 

This targets the Leader of the ritual. You will receive a vision of some action to perform that will help you solve a given problem. It will never explain why you should do this, and it is unreliable at best for interpersonal issues. For example it cannot find a murderer, but it could point you to a place to search to find the murder weapon. You cannot direct the outcome beyond "How do I solve this problem?". More participants means a more specific hint, or a larger selection of ideas
Knowledge 5

Ritual - Shared Ideal 

Shared Ideal can enforce Truths on the world. The power level is relative to how important a Truth this is. You may:

  • Enforce Truths that cause lower-level Knowledge rituals to return a desired result.
  • Remove existing memories or implant new ones on a Target who is present throughout.
  • Create an enhancement on yourself that lets you use a lower-level skill that someone else knows, once.
Consent to the ritual isn’t required but makes it require fewer participants.