Major events before the present day, and the debate over Mat Sellah

The Calendar

It is 614 Post-Collapse. (PC) The calendar is dated on the year that the last Emperor of the Unnamed Empire was dethroned. There is some speculation over whether this is accurate, but the calendar is universally accepted as a means for counting years.

The War of Igimund's Rift

It has been two decades since the War of Igimund’s Rift. A portal to the Beyond opened, drawing magi, priests and academics from across the three Nations and further afield. In defiance of the custom that Portals should be available to all, Clan Igimund of the Vendicsal seized it, sure that they could use its power to make recapture too expensive. Their extortion attempt failed, but not before each Nation, Guild and Church’s research delegations had called in reinforcements, triggering a confused and bloody fight as each Faction saw others as trying to steal the Portal, culminating in the disruption of its energies. The war was ended with a combined Ozgur and Explorer Church peace deal that sought to determine responsibility for the conflict and prevent another. This deal was known as the Treaty of Ozgur Sehir.

The Discovery of Mat Sellah

A recent Hegemony expedition to find a rumoured Fourth Continent came across an island chain curiously not visible from the shore despite its relatively close distance. Divinatory Rituals uncovered a new Portal in this archipelago, and the expedition quickly returned for a larger group to explore the interior. They found a land dotted with ruins of a fallen civilisation, with no settlements other than the occasional village that claimed descent from shipwrecked mariners. These villagers called the archipelago Mat Sellah.

The Nations, Guilds and Churches have all sent delegations to Mat Sellah. Fortunately, the reefs surrounding it make a direct invasion close to impossible, as only small boats can safely navigate through. Despite this, fear of treachery is ever-present.