• If you wear a disguise it is only as good as the phys-rep you use
  • You must answer truthfully if you are OOC challenged about your disguise
  • You must not disguise yourself as a member of a different species unless you have successfully used Biomancy to do this.
  • It is perfectly acceptable for you to wear a disguise whilst in character (IC).
  • Your ability to change your character’s appearance is only ever as effective as the phys-rep that you use; so if someone recognizes you then they may choose to recognize your character, regardless of the method used to change your appearance.
  • NPCs may have more effective disguises, since they may be played by multiple people, unlike PCs. If you have IC reason to believe an NPC is one you previously met, feel free to challenge them OOC in spite of the person playing them being different.

If you believe you recognize a character that you have met previously who appears to be in disguise then you may check out of character (OOC) by asking the player. You can ask if they are playing a character by name or by reference to a meeting you have had but you cannot simply ask if they are in disguise. You may ask a referee to check a character’s identity to avoid asking them directly. If another player asks you if you are playing a specific character in disguise then you must answer truthfully.