Strangers are unnatural beings that can manifest in the Realm. When most people think of a Stranger they tend to think of Hellions, a common power-hungry being from the Beyond. Strangers often enter the Realm through Portals, but have also been known to spontaneously appear at notable locations. For example, the sites of battlefields are often cursed with vengeful Phantoms, Golems stalk sites of great magical disaster, and Dryads can be found near ancient trees.

The Strangers

Natural Hazards

Creatures of the Beyond are not the only dangers that stalk Mat Sellah. Agents will have to be wary of the other enemies that they might face.


Outlaws are those who have committed crimes such that they have no legal recourse, or those who forswore legal protection to begin with, or the children of such. Some of these “shipwrecked” mariners on Mat Sellah may well in fact be Outlaws, and the archipelagos’ reef-filled and treacherous waters make it a good place for Pirates to raid.


The local flora and fauna may also be dangerous. There are no confirmed sightings, but a scouting party of three Alfar failed to report on the second day after arrival. The subsequent search party found one body with deep claw marks scoring through their armour, and little evidence of the others besides a shattered shield and a dropped torch. A local questioned about this simply made a sickle sign with one hand and said “My grandpappy called ‘em Antsantsa, we stay away from them places”