Bleeding from the Eyes


You may elect to take wounds on this track if you satisfy the following conditions:

  1. You must not currently have a partially filled wound card.
  2. You must be gaining wounds from resisting a COMPEL.
Bleeding From The Eyes
1. You have a sharp pain behind your eyes.
2. -1 Max Stamina
3. You vision starts to blur near the edges.
4. -2 Max Hits
5. The pain behind your eyes becomes acute and you are starting to struggle to see. When you attempt to use a ranged Spell or weapon, take a COMPEL 2: Miss.
6. -30s Bleed Count
7. -2 Max Stamina
8. Your vision blurs completely, you lose the ability to use the Ranged skill, targeted ranged calls and the ability to cone MASS calls. You may still make melee blows, use WIDE calls and use unconed MASS calls.